The Original Bar

Minot, South Dakota is the state’s largest city and it has a rich aviation history that may be in part to being home to the Minot Air Force Base. And despite being one of the state’s largest cities, it tends to be missed by large touring bands, performers, and musicians.

And that’s a problem that the owners of The Original wanted to solve.

They created a venue that can appeal to everyday residents who didn’t need the large megavenue experience to enjoy top-quality music. The small stage venue gives folks that intimate connection with performers that you can’t find at larger venues, while still using careful sound and lighting engineering to give that crisp viewing experience that audiences demand.

But amazing music isn’t the only reason to come visit The Original. The bar has a huge selection of beers to suit every taste under the sun as well as a variety of games and amusements to let you unwind after a long hard day or week. Want to play a game of pool while a band jams out? They got you covered. Want to challenge your friends to a game of darts? It’s right there for you. Or maybe you and your significant other want to play a round of ping pong to decide who pays for drinks? You got it!

Simply put, this venue has the total experience that you can expect. And fans and music lovers from all over the world agree that it’s one of the best spots in Minot.

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